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Serving the Needs of Businesses Just Like Yours

Our combined experience encompasses management, administration, and human resources. It’s important for us to earn your trust and to do that we need to build a relationship with you. Once we have earned your business, we want you to come back to us again and again, and we want you to feel good about referring us. With that being said, read below for the top 3 reasons why we might not be the firm for you.

Reasons we aren't a fit for you

You Have No Time to Communicate

You’re busy and that’s why you hired us, we get it. However, there will need to be some communication back and forth in order to ensure we are meeting your expectations. If you aren’t able to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion, we aren’t going to be a fit for you. That being said, we aren’t needy… we promise.

You Have Trust Issues

Starting a new relationship is hard. At first, you don’t know us, and we don’t know you. We understand that and we know that we’ll need to work to establish your trust. Once we’ve shown you that you can rely on our expertise, however, we want to have a relationship that is established on trust and mutual respect. If you think you’ll never be able to trust us, it’s best we don’t start our relationship.

You’re Looking for a “Yes” Man

We are going to tell you if what you are requesting isn’t possible in the time frame that you want, we are going to tell you that you’re going against legislation, that you’re showing bias in an interview, or if you’re going to end up in hot water over something. If you aren’t comfortable with us “keeping it real”, we’re very likely not the company for you.

Our Values

With all the firms out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed with choices. Our dedication and desire to provide you with exceptional service will be evident from your first point of contact and beyond.

  • Integrity: We believe that transparency, honesty, and ethics are the keys to our success.
  • Accountability: We take ownership of our success and failures.
  • Passion: We are passionate about what we do and the clients we serve.
  • Relationships: We believe the positive relationships we build with our clients are integral to our success and strive to build lasting relationships based on respect.
  • Social Responsibility: Being community-minded; not because it looks good, but because it feels great.

Work With Us

Our Team

Dagny Guy


Dagny Guy (it's Scandinavian, pronounced Dag-knee) is the CEO of Talented Solutions. With over 15 years’ experience in the administrative field, including many years of experience working in human resources, Dagny has the business acumen required to assist you with the growth of your own organization.

Dagny has a passion for life-long learning and is currently working towards her MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management through the Australian Institute of Business.

When she isn't working or learning, Dagny can be found spending time with family and friends, volunteering, travelling, writing, or finding home renovation projects to do.

Dagny can be reached at  (780) 749-2118  ext. 700

Paul Ojomu


Paul joined Talented Solutions with over 15 years of experience in Information Technology across different industries. He has experience working with different hiring managers to recruit the best candidates for various IT departments. He holds a master’s degree (MSc.) in Information Technology and is currently studying Psychology with the intent on specializing as an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. He is a volunteer Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters Red Deer.

Paul can be reached at  (780) 749-2118  ext. 707

Norm MacLeod



Norm MacLeod is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax Nova Scotia holding a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a Major in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. With more than 15 years of experience in the HR field, Norm brings a diverse skillset including Recruitment and Retention, Collective Bargaining, Conflict Resolution, among many other experiences. Norm has worked for multiple large organizations representing wide geographic areas and a diverse range of talent, recruiting and retaining talent at all levels.

Norm can be reached at  (780) 749-2118  ext. 702

Saranyaa Madras Thiyagarajan



Saranyaa is a Recruitment Consultant with Talented Solutions working on with a variety of clients for a variety of industries. She is currently working on her post graduate certification in Human Resources Management. Prior to joining Talented Solutions, she was working for a consulting firm handling high-volume placements and she has worked in the food manufacturing industry in the role of HR Recruiter.  She is excited to be a part of Talented solutions and to growing in the recruitment field while helping our clients and partners meet their recruitment needs and goals!!

Saranyaa can be reached at  (780) 749-2118  ext. 708

Danielle Robichaud



Prior to joining Talented Solutions as a Recruitment Consultant, Danielle spent many years as both a Payroll Specialist and a Commercial Business Administrator. She graduated from the Business Administration program at the Nova Scotia Community College with a concentration in Accounting and has achieved her PCP (Payroll Compliance Practitioner) certification from the Canadian Payroll Association.

Danielle isn’t all work and no play! In Danielle’s spare time she is a Highland Dancer and has travelled the world competing and performing in International Tattoos, festivals, and Highland Games. 

Danielle can be reached at  (780) 749-2118  ext. 709

Judith Morrissey



Judith Morrissey is a HR professional with 10+ years of progressive leadership experience. She attended Memorial University of Newfoundland to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences, and while working at ISM/IBM Canada, she achieved a Change Management Certification from Prosci. Judith holds significant experience across various industries in recruitment, strategic planning, compensation management, employee relations, retention, training, benefits administration, OH&S, records management, and labour relations.

When Judith is not working on a HR project, you will find her reading, playing music, enjoying nature, doing yoga, volunteering, travelling, and with friends and family.

Judith can be reached at  (780) 749-2118  ext. 706

Our team wouldn't be complete without...



We brought Bella home when she was a puppy. She was born without a full tail so when she’s happy she has a stubby little tail that flails back and forth. 



Jasper was a rescue that Dagny fell in love with one day while conducting a safety inspection at the pound. Dagny said it was love at first site and spent the next 3 days begging Mark to let her bring Jasper home. Jasper’s been by her side as a faithful companion ever since. 



Dagny was tasked with finding a mouser for her former employer so off she went to the pound to find one; what she came out with was an adorable kitten that was smaller than any mouse that he was supposed to catch. She couldn’t bear to leave him at the shop overnight, so he travelled back and forth to work with her daily… so much for being a mouser. When she left her former employer, they knew how much she loved him so they gave him to her as a parting gift.